What Really Causes Acne

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So what really causes acne if all of the theories out there aren’t true? Although dirt, grime and excess oil can contribute to some acne cases, that isn’t always the case. Your glands produce the right amount of oil to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and help maintain that natural glow. But, when these same glands come into contact with a hormone known as DHT or dihydrotestosterone, they cause your skin’s pores to clog up and your oil glands produce more oil than is necessary. From there the acne-formation process starts and you might notice more pimples and breakouts. So, while hormones are a factor, they’re part of the equation and not the primary cause. Genetics are also a factor when it comes to your skin. If you’re predisposed to natural DHT production, you’re more likely to have acne than those who don’t have a family history of it. Unfortunately once this cycle has started, it takes the best acne products to reverse the cycle and get your skin back to its healthy state

Liz Grant is a freelance blogger and writer for Clearogen, the industry leader in advanced acne skin care. 


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