The Fitness Fanatics Guide To Miami


If you love nothing more than to hit the gym and stay in shape, you’re going to love Miami. This incredibly beautiful part of the world is full of gyms, indoors and out, which means you will now have the chance to stay in shape and enjoy your vacation on a whole new level.

Coconut Grove Shaq Gym

Found at 2982 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove Shaq Gym is an incredibly modern health and fitness center that really does have something for everyone. With a large number of classes including kick boxing, strength training, aerobic & step, and more, you will have the chance to stay in shape with you’re on vacation. You may have to pay the minimum fee of 30 days gym membership, but this is the only option available at the time of writing and may change.

Jose Marti Gym

Located at 434 SW 3rd Avenue in the Brickell area of Miami, Jose Marti Gym could just be one of the best around as far as non-members are concerned. At the time of writing you can pay just $3 each time you visit the gym, or take out yearly membership for $100. The gym is modern, clean and has a wide range of machines and equipment for you to use. Open from 6am – 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 8pm Saturday to Sunday. Please note prices are subject to change.

Downtown Athletic Club

With month to month contracts rather than yearly contracts, this gym is perfect for those of you who are in Miami for at least a month. Situated at 200 S Biscayne Blvd, you can also make use of individual classes for approximately $18 per visit (At the time of writing). If you are in the area for longer than a few weeks and you plan on visiting regularly, it may be worth your while thinking about paying for a monthly contract as it could work out cheaper.

Outdoor Gym, Concord Park

As of July this year, locals and visitors to Miami will be able to make use of the new outdoor gym that is completely free to use. One of the best things about the gym is you don’t even have to pay a cent for membership, and you can simply turn up as and when you please. A local initiative between some of the county parks created this outdoor gym in an effort to tackle the level of obesity in the area. With free benches, leg presses and more on offer, you can be sure that working out in Miami in the beautiful sunshine is well worth a little bit of sweat and tears. Found at 3301 SW 114 Avenue, this is a good outdoor gym that never gets that busy.

As you can see, staying in shape while you’re on vacation in Miami has never been easier. Make sure your pack your work-out gear and you hit the gym as often as you wish so you stay in shape while working out in the sunshine.

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Author Bio: Written by Rachel Jones, who after spending a weekend in Miami decided on sharing her experiences by blogging about them.

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