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Fitness Fusion – Struggling with Boredom

When the idea to get into shape via a strong exercise regimen first sets in on us, we tend to be full of a fire and passion that promises to carry us through the rest of our busy, active, lives, but that excitement tends to wane over time. In the interest of keeping things interesting, […]

Kickboxing For Women Looking To Lose Weight

Let’s face it, few of us enjoy exercising and cardiovascular work tends to be on the extremely boring side. Who wants to pace endlessly on a treadmill or on a road? We need a minimum of 30 minutes of this kind of activity if we wish to achieve improved heart health and frankly, even more […]

New Exercise Ideas For A Healthy 2013

If you have been exercising regularly for several months or even years, you may have become tired of the usual routines. You can spice up your time at the gym by introducing new exercise ideas into your workout. There are some things you can add to your regimen that can make working out more fun […]