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5 Ways Yoga Improves Health

Improved flexibility Have you not seen the shocking poses?  Over time, yoga can greatly aid in the regaining of once forgotten flexibility, and by doing so allow your body to run through its full range of motion.  Why should you care?  By being able to maintain flexibility you reduce your chances of injuries that are […]

Female Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Today, more women are experiencing hair loss than ever before. The utilization of extensions, over-styling and use of heat emitting hair products have caused the emergence of bald patches, serious thinning and receding hairlines. Here is a look at some female hair loss prevention tips that will help you stay away from those dreaded bald […]

Bad Mood? A Walk On The Beach Is The Perfect Remedy

Have you ever wondered why you feel so relaxed after taking a walk on the beach? Latest research proves that walking along the seashore is highly beneficial for the emotional as well as physical health of a person. In fact, studies from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health show that walking along the […]