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5 Things Newbie Runners Should Know

Long open road, feet hitting the ground, arms bumping while trying to regulate your breathing; sounds manageable for a newbie runner to mask right? As simple as running may seem, there is a big learning curve to conquer apart from putting on your shoes and heading out. Like with any new venture one pursues it […]

6 Fat-Blasting Exercise Tricks For Your Butt

#1 Burn the fat off of your rear with cardio exercises It doesn’t matter how firm your muscles are when they’re covered in a thick layer of blubber. The trick to getting that “toned” look on the tops of your legs (i.e. your badonkadonk) is to burn as much fat as you can off of […]

Fitness Fusion – Struggling with Boredom

When the idea to get into shape via a strong exercise regimen first sets in on us, we tend to be full of a fire and passion that promises to carry us through the rest of our busy, active, lives, but that excitement tends to wane over time. In the interest of keeping things interesting, […]

New Exercise Ideas For A Healthy 2013

If you have been exercising regularly for several months or even years, you may have become tired of the usual routines. You can spice up your time at the gym by introducing new exercise ideas into your workout. There are some things you can add to your regimen that can make working out more fun […]

Breathing Exercises for Fitness Girls

Despite the fact that eating habits and exercise routines are the two pillars of active health in the Western world, those in the East have long known the power of breathing and its place in lives of truly healthy people. Closely associated with both yoga and meditation, the simple act of drawing and expelling breath […]

Open Air Exercises

Exercising is a necessity in today‚Äôs world of processed food and delicious treats that break our resolve. Each and every person needs to get their body moving in order to be fit and healthy, and new research shows that doing that work outside only increases the many benefits of a typical workout. The great outdoors […]