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Bad Mood? A Walk On The Beach Is The Perfect Remedy

Have you ever wondered why you feel so relaxed after taking a walk on the beach? Latest research proves that walking along the seashore is highly beneficial for the emotional as well as physical health of a person. In fact, studies from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health show that walking along the […]

Why Yoga Should Be A Staple Of Your Fitness Routine

People have been practicing the ancient art of yoga for thousands of years – for an exercise form to stick around this long, there must be some great benefits! Even if you have an exercise plan you love, adding yoga has some great benefits.

Pole Dance Fitness Benefits

As you’ve likely heard, pole dancing has become a very popular endeavor for everyday women interested in fun and fitness, turning this previously taboo activity into one that can benefit each of us. Given its previous reputation, though, many women are tentative in even approaching the idea, but let us be the ones to share […]