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Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

Everyone can lose up to one hundred hairs per day and this is nothing to fear as it is a natural process. When you brush your hair you will lose several hairs, but hair rids its dead cells to make way for new hairs. However, hair loss can indicate a far serious problem and here […]

Why Yoga Should Be A Staple Of Your Fitness Routine

People have been practicing the ancient art of yoga for thousands of years – for an exercise form to stick around this long, there must be some great benefits! Even if you have an exercise plan you love, adding yoga has some great benefits.

Taking Part In Yoga During Pregnancy

Even for those who already have children, pregnancy is a very testing time and there are a lot of adjustments to get used to during the nine months before the birth. In this scenario it is essential to do anything you can to make things easier and many women have found yoga to be a […]