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What Kind Of Long Haired Woman Are You?

What Kind Of Long Haired Lady Are You?   Long hair is special.  I know that might seem a simplistic statement, so please don’t think me silly or redundant for stating it but as far as I’m concerned long hair is not just long hair.  Don’t get me wrong, any girl or woman with long […]

Beauty Mistakes Most Women Make

A person can tell by the way a woman uses makeup if she is an expert or a beginner by the way they use it. Some women believe that make up can just be applied on the face using makeup brushes and other tools and they’ll look attractive. The truth is that applying makeup is […]

Top 7 Celebrity Beauty Tips

Celebrities have makeup artists and stylists to make them look beautiful no matter what they’re doing. Because celebrities are always in the spotlight, many of us turn to them for makeup and fashion advice. Celebrities are always plastered on the front covers of magazines, and we’re constantly looking at these images to determine what type […]

Have You Changed Your Makeup From Winter To Spring?

Winter to Spring Changeover Most women realize that makeup is seasonal, at least to a certain extent. Your clothes and your skin tone are liable to change in the cold months, so you probably made an effort to cater your makeup to that. Changing back for Spring is just as important. You don’t have to […]