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Six Ways To Regain Your Confidence On A Bad Hair Day

Hair is often described as a woman’s crowning glory, but sometimes it can feel like just the opposite. Most people know that “Bad Hair Day” feeling, which kicks in when you get out of bed and find that your hair just won’t do what you want it to. Perhaps you feel you need a cut […]

Female Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Today, more women are experiencing hair loss than ever before. The utilization of extensions, over-styling and use of heat emitting hair products have caused the emergence of bald patches, serious thinning and receding hairlines. Here is a look at some female hair loss prevention tips that will help you stay away from those dreaded bald […]

Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

Everyone can lose up to one hundred hairs per day and this is nothing to fear as it is a natural process. When you brush your hair you will lose several hairs, but hair rids its dead cells to make way for new hairs. However, hair loss can indicate a far serious problem and here […]