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How Fitness-Minded Girls Choose the Best Gym

In an era where working out and staying in shape has become a necessity for many of us, one can find hundreds or even thousands of different gyms in a given city. Your workout regimen is an important part of your lifestyle and you can’t trust the experience to just anyone!

Fitness Girls Biceps

For fitness girls biceps are as important as they are important for fitness boys. Especially it refers to those girls that are involved into arm-wrestling. On the wave of feminism and claiming for equal rights and possibilities for both men and women bodybuilding and similar fitness activities became really popular especially in the United States.

Extreme Fitness – Where Is the Line?

In our life we are so often carried away by some things and activities that to strangers it may seem abnormal and even a bit crazy. These words are often associated with extreme activities in such spheres as fitness and sport. According to one of the definitions ‘extreme’ is something very dangerous or difficult. Actually […]