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What are the Benefits of Rowing Machine?

Gaining weight is quite easy but losing it is really difficult. There are different methods for weight loss such as dieting, use of herbal teas, weight loss pills and exercise etc. Most of the people prefer dieting for weight loss but dieting alone can do nothing. It only reduces your daily intake of calories but […]

Doing Cardio For Weight Loss

If your goal is permanent loss of fat (stored energy), the “cardio plan for good health” doesn’t cut it. You simply won’t burn enough calories to make a significant impact. Here’s an overview of what you need to do to slim down. For anyone serious about losing weight, we suggest consulting a registered dietitian and […]

Weight Loss Ideas for Preparing for the Summer

Summer is fast approaching and everyone is just so excited, thinking about the many outdoor activities they can all do and enjoy. Below are some weight loss ideas or tips so that people can be ready to wear their bathing suits or swim wear without feeling uncomfortable in them.

The Biggest Fitness Mistakes that are Making You Fat

Are you getting frustrated because even though you have tried your best, you are still not losing enough weight? Maybe you are doing the wrong things. Or maybe you are not really doing what you are supposed to be doing. So here’s the question: what’s making you fat still?

Putting The Fun Back Into Exercise

Easter has come and gone and a large majority of us will have overindulged in a few too many chocolate eggs and now feel the need to get rid of the excess.   Clearly the easiest way to do that is to combine a balanced diet with regular exercise. The problem a lot of people have […]

Kickboxing For Women Looking To Lose Weight

Let’s face it, few of us enjoy exercising and cardiovascular work tends to be on the extremely boring side. Who wants to pace endlessly on a treadmill or on a road? We need a minimum of 30 minutes of this kind of activity if we wish to achieve improved heart health and frankly, even more […]

5 Excellent Sports To Help Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

You do not have to depend on an elliptical machine or a stationary bike to get a full body workout. If you have been trying to lose weight in vain, refresh your workout routine and boost your metabolism with sports that you might not have tried. There are several sports that you can engage in […]

What Is The Best Time To Workout And Burn Fat?

Does working out in the morning burn more fat than it does in the afternoon? Is it generally better to workout in the morning or does it not matter? There’s been a lot of controversial talk around this topic. Does working out in the morning on an empty stomach actually burn more fat and is […]

Looking To Burn Fat? Six Rules To Make It Happen

Building an exercise regime can be a hard decision for most adults due to busy lives and other responsibilities; however, exercise can be made easy through simple lifestyle changes. These simple rules will put you on a path to success.

The “No Time for the Gym” Workout

Many of us have been there at one point or another; you just don’t have time to hit the gym. Work, kids, activities, and the like have overwhelmed your schedule and now the drive is completely gone. Heck maybe you have even quit the gym because the cost wasn’t justified. What are you to do? […]