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5 Ways Yoga Improves Health

Improved flexibility Have you not seen the shocking poses?  Over time, yoga can greatly aid in the regaining of once forgotten flexibility, and by doing so allow your body to run through its full range of motion.  Why should you care?  By being able to maintain flexibility you reduce your chances of injuries that are […]

Taking Part In Yoga During Pregnancy

Even for those who already have children, pregnancy is a very testing time and there are a lot of adjustments to get used to during the nine months before the birth. In this scenario it is essential to do anything you can to make things easier and many women have found yoga to be a […]

Breathing Exercises for Fitness Girls

Despite the fact that eating habits and exercise routines are the two pillars of active health in the Western world, those in the East have long known the power of breathing and its place in lives of truly healthy people. Closely associated with both yoga and meditation, the simple act of drawing and expelling breath […]