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Valentine’s Day Hair Ideas

There’s no better excuse to get dressed up than for a Valentine’s Day date – whether it’s with friends or a loved one!

6 Benefits Of Mineral Makeup

Check out your makeup bag, and see how many products you’ve tried and tossed. Although some women just love to try new products, many others find traditional makeup lacking for various reasons, from allergic reactions to uneven coverage. Looking for a new kind of makeup that can provide natural coverage? Mineral makeup is a great […]

Six Ways To Regain Your Confidence On A Bad Hair Day

Hair is often described as a woman’s crowning glory, but sometimes it can feel like just the opposite. Most people know that “Bad Hair Day” feeling, which kicks in when you get out of bed and find that your hair just won’t do what you want it to. Perhaps you feel you need a cut […]

Top Beauty Diet Tips

Most people think that the secret of beauty lies in a makeup box, they are completely wrong. The secret lies in your food. What you eat is very important from every aspect of your body and that includes your skin and hair too. Don’t mistake this article for tips on weight loss diet, it’s rather […]

Organic Vs Inroganic Hair Color Products

Today, organic hair color is available in the form of commercial products for in-home use but also products used by professional colorists in salons around the country. As shown in this article, there are distinct differences and benefits in organic products versus inorganic products. Although there are many reasons for choosing hair color of this […]

The Causes of Dry Skin

Six Tips For Keeping Your Skin Wrinkle Free

Getting older, it’s hard to keep your skin looking radiant. The skin becomes less elastic and wrinkles start forming. While aging is inevitable, you can actually slow down the aging process of your skin a bit by making a few lifestyle changes. Below are six tips that can help keep your skin wrinkle free.

Top 10 Natural Remedies To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

A glorious mane is a crowning asset for both men and women. I’m sure all you women out there must have always envied Rapunzel for having such long, lustrous locks. Do you dream about flaunting the same lovely locks? Well, your dream can come true now.

The Biggest Beauty Blunders According to Men

Winter Skin Care Tips For Women

The winter time can have quite treacherous effects on the skin – the cold blustering winds and lack of light and sunshine does nothing but deteriorate the quality of your skin.