Putting The Fun Back Into Exercise


Easter has come and gone and a large majority of us will have overindulged in a few too many chocolate eggs and now feel the need to get rid of the excess.   Clearly the easiest way to do that is to combine a balanced diet with regular exercise. The problem a lot of people have however is getting the motivation to maintain such a work-out ethic over a long period of time.  Instead lots of us tend to head to the gym for a couple of weeks before deciding to skip on it a few times. Before you know it you are back where you started.

Let’s Get Physical

It is easy to say regular exercise is the answer but managing to keep up a regime which will both burn the calories you want, without making you wish you were doing anything else but working out is a difficult balance to manage at times. If hitting the gym is your personal idea of hell then clearly trying that technique will not work in the long run, and you will need to come up with an alternative – and luckily there are plenty out there.

Team sports are a great way to reach such a balance, with the social aspect of these sports creating a fun atmosphere around which to build on your will to lose the excess weight. The issue here can be the need to excel at said sports, as partaking in such games without the ability to play them to a competitive level can lead to lowering your self-esteem as you feel you are not as good as the other players around you.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight will tell you that self-esteem is one of the most important factors to success, as if you begin to doubt yourself then the likelihood of you managing to shift the weight you want to decreases rapidly. That’s not to say you have to play sports competitively of course, but even if you go and play rugby with some friends, being the least skilled player on the field can have a negative effect on the way you view yourself.

Time to get Innovative

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So, for those of us who do not feel the monotony of the gym is for them, and happen to not shine on a sports field it might feel like exercise is just something you do not want to do, and that can be the problem. Without the element of fun, how are you supposed to motivate yourself to get up and go?

Luckily, fun is something which is all but guaranteed when you try your hand at powerbocking, a craze which is bound to sweep the nation before long. This form of exercise sees you running, jumping and having a blast whilst wearing jumping stilts and allows you to burn the same amount of calories you would on a normal run but with the more exhilarating feel to the experience thanks to the ability to jump higher and move faster than you would be able to without these fantastic stilts.

The best part is that the entire family can enjoy the experience, with children able to bounce around in the back garden or in the local park as if they were on a trampoline without the need to go out and buy such hefty equipment. So if you are looking to make a start on a new health kick, or simply fancy an exhilarating yet fun experience which the entire family can enjoy, then it may be time for you to try your hand at powerbocking. 

Emily Starr is a freelance writer who loves nothing more than to put on her jumping stilts and go for a run in the sun.  This is a great way to control weight and stay healthy for life.

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