How To Get In Shape Fast For An Important Social Event


Daily responsibilities can make it hard for people to adhere to healthy, active lifestyles. Unfortunately, this can leave people struggling to lose weight quickly in preparation for big social events. If you’re preparing for a reunion, wedding or some other major social gathering, learn how you can lose weight in time for the big occasion.

Eat Regularly

It may sound confusing, but frequent eating can actually help you lose weight by boosting your body’s metabolism. With that being said, not all food is the same. Ideally, you should eat several small, lean meals or snacks throughout the day. For best results, focus on eating fibrous vegetables and leans meats and avoid high-carb snacks, which can cause your insulin levels to spike.

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber


Since they keep our insulin levels in check, low-glycemic, high-fiber foods help prevent us from gaining fat. Contrarily, foods rich in simple carbohydrates do the opposite by causing our insulin levels to skyrocket. To promote rapid fat-loss, stay away from bread and sugary foods. Instead, opt for high-protein and high-fiber foods which take much longer to digest. Not only do these foods keep blood sugar levels steady, they promote fullness and tend to be much lower in calories when compared to high-glycemic foods.

Don’t Skip Meals

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When preparing for a big event, many people adopt crash diets that starve their bodies of vital calories and nutrients. Sadly, when deprived of calories, our bodies enter a sort of starvation mode, which prompts them to burn muscle and hoard fat. In the end, these diets tend to generate a flabby, unhealthy look that gets attention for the wrong reasons. Instead of starving yourself, ramp up your body’s metabolism by consuming several small meals throughout the day.

When You’ve Run Out of Time


While smart fitness and diet plans can have a huge impact on your physique, it may not be reasonable to expect to lose substantial amounts of weight on short notice. Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can employ to make yourself look a little fitter at your big event. For formal occasions, select dark clothing and consider having it tailored to flatter your physique. Women can also benefit from wearing high heeled shoes, which tend to make them look taller. Ultimately, your best option is to select clothing that gives you a symmetrical, visually balanced appearance between your bottom and top.

For brides-to-be, it’s critically important to look for reputable, experienced photographers who know how to capture subjects in flattering lights. According to Arnaud Brichet who owns the Punta Cana wedding photography studio HDC Photo, brides tend to spend an awful lot of time and money planning their ceremonies, without thinking much about how it will be captured.

“A lot of brides fixate on having the ideal dress or arrangements,” he said. “Sadly, if you go with the wrong wedding photographer, you’re apt to get pictures that paint you in a bad or unflattering light. In the end, it pays to go through a candidate’s portfolio to make sure he or she uses effective methods and photography styles that make grooms and brides look their best even if they haven’t had a chance to get to their ideal weights.”

Ryan Lawrence writes for 6COM Media. 

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