Healthy Recipes for Young Ones


Things are a lot different when it comes to preparing a recipe for your children. You will not only need to make sure that the food that you will give them is healthy, but you must also understand that presentation matters. Even if you mention all the great things that a certain food can give to young ones such as vitamins and minerals, kids will still ignore it if it doesn’t look good.


One of the keys to make the young ones eat healthy and delicious food is to present it in a way that it will catch their attention. All you need is to make your imagination work, make sure that your food presentation is fun and exciting. You will be the only one who needs to understand that the food you are serving is healthy because for kids, most of them only want to eat food that looks interesting and delicious. One good example of a fun and exciting recipe that your kids will love is a Happy FAce recipe; you can make a happy face by using banana, cantaloupe, star fruit, strawberry, kiwi slices and red grapes. Here is how to do it, first you will need a lot of red grapes to form hair, then kiwi slices for eyes while strawberry is perfect for a nose, use cantaloupe to form ears and banana for mouth, you can add star fruit for cheeks. Make sure to serve it in a big round and colored plate to add more appeal to children.

This recipe will definitely make your children interested because it has a name which kids can easily relate to, even before you serve it, your kids will be a lot more curious to about Happy Face. Another thing that young one will surely love is that it is colorful, most kids are also interested in shapes, and if they can see than your food has a face shape then they will love it.

You can also make your children participate in food preparation; this way, you and your kids will have more time together. After they eat Happy Face, you can ask your kids what other shapes they want to see; maybe your kids can help you prepare snacks with different shapes and ingredients. Remember that you will be the one in charge of cutting foods to make sure that they don’t use a knife and for safety purposes. If your kids are involved in food preparation, it is most likely that they will eat healthier and nutritious food that you both prepare.

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