Hairstyle Tips And Tricks For Women Wearing Glasses


Women take time styling their hair. To some, preparing their hair for the day ahead would mean having hair straighteners and hair styling products in hand with these considerations in mind: the colour and style of clothes they are going to wear for the day, the shoes they would wear with their wardrobe, the type of makeup they are going to apply, and the overall look they want to achieve.

For ladies wearing glasses, there’s one more thing to consider: their framed spectacles. For those who are just starting to wear them, it may be a bit of a challenge for them to style their hair. There are now some hairstyles that would need to be done differently. Braids and headbands are one thing they would need to give-up when they’re wearing their frames. And there are other hairstyles to steer clear from.

The key is to work around your glasses and know the hairstyles that would work best with them. You just need to know the tips and tricks for styling your hair when wearing glasses. Here are a few worth noting.

How to Complement Frames

Most individuals stick with one type of glasses they wear all the time. This is may be one frame they feel comfortable wearing, they feel good using, and they feel matches their personality and lifestyle most. The type of glasses is a good factor to consider when picking the right style for your hair. Consider these tips:

  • Soft frames would look best with bold hairstyles and bold frames work well with simple hairstyles.
  • Frames that aren’t too big and aren’t too heavy-looking would look good with fringes. Remember to have the length of the fringes above the frames.
  • Square-shaped glasses would look good with a side-parted hair.
  • Glasses with extravagant decorations like rhinestone or those with coloured temples would be good to match with a hairstyle that hides your hair to the side. You can either tug your hair behind your ears or have a style with the sides open.

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What Hairstyles to Avoid


While there are specific styles that are good to use with a specific type of frame, there are also certain hairstyles you need to avoid.

  • Long and asymmetrical fringes are generally not good to have for individuals wearing glasses no matter what type of frames are used. So this is one hairstyle you would need to avoid.
  • Voluminous hair should not be sported by women wearing wide-framed eye glasses.
  • A long hairstyle doesn’t look good on someone having eyeglass with huge frames.
  • Hairstyles that box in your facial features would not be good if you have small-framed glasses.

Sure Hits

No matter what frame you are using though there are sure hit hairstyles that would look good with glasses. These styles can be your trusted go-to styles for those days when you need a great hairstyle to wear with your glasses.

  • Short hairstyles generally look good with women wearing glasses as it shows off their frames.
  • Any hairstyle that pulls your hair off your face will also generally look good on any type of frames.
  • A half-up and half-down hairstyle is good for women with glasses. Wear your hair loose then secure the top part by pulling it back and pinning it loosely at the crown of the head.
  • Blow dry your hair using your trusted Ghds and keep them to the sides. This will also show off your frames but most importantly will keep your hair off from your frames and face.
  • A hair bun offers a classy and intelligent look for women wearing glasses.

With this guide, you’ll never go wrong with styling your hair well with your favourite framed specs. As long as you have the right tools to style hair, you will always step out in style with the right glasses and the right hairstyle to go with it.

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By Debra Wright

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