Five Doable Weight Loss Tips For Single Moms


When you have to grapple with weight issues besides looking after your infant single-handedly, it can turn out to be a huge challenge. The responsibilities of a single parent are far from easy; coupled with that you may be experiencing weight gain due to hormonal changes in the body, irregular meal timings, fault eating habits and  lack of time to perform regular physical exercises. These factors may stress you and make you feel anxious and depressed. You need to lose weight not simply because you have to look good, but more because obesity can make you prone to various illnesses. The following tips can help you lose weight when you are a single mom battling weight problems:

Carbohydrate control: Since carbs are responsible for giving you energy to carry out your normal bodily functions, you need adequate amounts on it in your system. They take longer for digestion and therefore you feel full when you eat carbs. However, excess carbs can make you gain weight if you do not perform exercises to burn calories. When you are a single mother, you rarely get the chance to go to the gym to do regular workouts. This is why, to lose weight, you should control the kind of carbs you are eating and the amount of carbs you eat at every meal. For instance, you must avoid simple sugars and carb rich meals; instead, you can opt for complex carbs and eat more fruits to satisfy sugar cravings which are common when the body does not get a lot of carbs.

Negative calorie foods: To lose weight, the best foods are those with empty calories or negative calories. For example, you can add broccolis and asparagus, beetroot and lettuce to your daily meals. These will keep you satisfied without making you pile on unwanted calories.

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Workouts at home: Besides following a great diet at home, you can always take the time out for some easy exercises. Long walks with your child helps you stay fit. Besides, you could use the stairs regularly or skip with a rope every day. Doing household chores like gardening or sweeping the floors, doing the laundry etc can help you exercise your hand and leg muscles.

Involve kids: To lose weight, you do not have to get stressed. You can involve your children in outdoor activities like playing in the backyard, or go cycling or arrange for hiking trips with them to enjoy quality time with them and stay fit yourself.

Avoid crash diets: You must remember never to follow crash diets and skip meals in order to lose the pounds. Crash diets can guarantee quick weight loss in a very short time, but this weight loss is never permanent; you will gain back the pounds soon after you discontinue the diet. Joining safe and healthy diet services relieves you from the daunting task of cooking healthy meals for yourself. You can sign up for accredited meal delivery services like Nutrisystem which take extreme care in preparing meals that are healthy as well as help you lose weight in a steady pace. The meals are home delivered which is very helpful when you are single. You can also follow their simple workout guides to stay fit at home.

Losing weight is not easy for a single mom, but it is not impossible too. You can always maintain a desirable body weight by following a healthy meal plan, eating regular meals and exercising diligently. You should set realistic goals for yourself instead of aiming to lose an incredible amount of weight in a few days time. You have to stay motivated in your routine to enjoy positive results. You can reward yourself for every weight loss milestone you reach.

To conclude, losing weight does not mean you have to go through suffering and sacrifice; you also do not have to give up on your favorite treats to get a trim waistline. You simply have to adopt some positive lifestyle changes and follow good eating practices.

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