7 Best Kept Secrets On Losing Weight


One of the biggest mistakes people make is considering weight loss only physical. The truth is that weight loss is a body-mind-spirit thing. Considering it merely physical or mental is cheating the whole organism of being its peak best. Here are some of the secrets of weight loss incorporating the whole organism.

1. The number one secret to weight loss is to think about it. Recognize that it will take time. Research how weight loss occurs and how the body responds. Understand how fat cells attach to muscles. Learn how strength training before a cardio workout or aerobics burns off more fat cells than cardio alone. The mind and spirit will be stronger knowing your newly thin body is its healthiest.


2. Consider menus for a week. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat and rice items and healthy oils like olive oil. Eating six small meals per day enables the body to draw on a constant supply of carbs. When only two to three meals are eaten in a day, the body has cravings in the off-hours. Plan for the six small meals with whole wheat crackers and Colby cheese, peanut butter on apples or a banana sandwich on whole wheat bread. Plan fun snacks that help the mind and spirit stay optimistic. Have a small cup of ice cream topped with fresh fruit, perhaps as a reward for losing a few pounds.

3. Remain consistent. If folks work out three days per week with two days for strength training, then stick with it. Taking a couple days off cheats the body and makes resumption of exercise harder. It also takes the mind off its schedule; remember to incorporate the mind into your workout. Staying consistent keeps you focused.

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4. Eating a healthy breakfast kick-starts the body. Eggs, turkey bacon and whole wheat toast gives the body its amino acids, protein and carbs with which to start the day. Whole grain cereal and fruit are good foods with which to begin your day. It is a proven statistic that the mind and body function better with a hearty breakfast.


5. Getting enough sleep gives the body time to set itself up for the day. Lack of sleep leaves the body sluggish and more difficult to start. This makes dieters reach for sugary breakfast foods or greasy bacon and sausage with their sweet and creamy coffee. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed folks eat healthier breakfasts.

6. Experts agree that television is bad for dieters. Watching TV should be limited to about an hour per night. This involves getting the mind-body-spirit into more stimulating activities, thus creating exercise and no chances for snacking. They do this at a weight loss camp for adults.

7. The last secret to successful weight loss is not to castigate yourself when weight loss is slow. If you weigh yourself every other day instead of every day, you won’t become depressed when you see little change. One pound of weight lost per week is normal for most people. This slow loss will last longer and the weight won’t return. Stay positive and don’t let disappointment make your mind-body-spirit be negative.

Wayne holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Utah. He’s currently fitness director at One Fitness Camp.

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