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The Fitness Fanatics Guide To Miami

If you love nothing more than to hit the gym and stay in shape, you’re going to love Miami. This incredibly beautiful part of the world is full of gyms, indoors and out, which means you will now have the chance to stay in shape and enjoy your vacation on a whole new level.

What are the Benefits of Rowing Machine?

Gaining weight is quite easy but losing it is really difficult. There are different methods for weight loss such as dieting, use of herbal teas, weight loss pills and exercise etc. Most of the people prefer dieting for weight loss but dieting alone can do nothing. It only reduces your daily intake of calories but […]

The Biggest Beauty Blunders According to Men

Myths Dispelled on Weight Loss [Info-graphic]

On-The-Job Weight Loss Tips For Working Mothers

Trying to lose weight is never an easy battle. Losing weight requires determination and preparedness, and if you’re a working mom, these are two things you know a lot about.

Why We Need Vitamin D – Facts & Statistics