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5 Things Newbie Runners Should Know

Long open road, feet hitting the ground, arms bumping while trying to regulate your breathing; sounds manageable for a newbie runner to mask right? As simple as running may seem, there is a big learning curve to conquer apart from putting on your shoes and heading out. Like with any new venture one pursues it […]

How To Determine The Real Age Of Your Skin

As you get older, your skin naturally ages, however, there are many different factors that come into play that affect your skin as you age. Some people have aging skin when they are younger, while others can enjoy much younger skin as they get older that belies their true age. In any case, one of […]

Foods To Stay Healthy And Help With Clear Skin

Tired of blotchy, discolored, dry, oily or blemished skin? Skin is the largest organ of the human body and therefore when it’s not getting the right nutrients and care from the inside, it often becomes apparent on the outside. By combining gentle skin care with a healthy diet of skin-loving foods, you can start looking […]

Rewarding Yourself after weight loss

A Walk Around The Block Could Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer

Older women who walk daily may reduce their risk of developing breast cancer; and those who engage in vigorous exercise daily may receive even more protection, according to the results of a new study.

Winter Skin Care Tips For Women

The winter time can have quite treacherous effects on the skin – the cold blustering winds and lack of light and sunshine does nothing but deteriorate the quality of your skin.

5 Signs You Need Help With Weight Management

Do these sound like you? Here are 5 signs you need help with weight management:

How Exercise Can Strengthen Your Heart And Brain

It is easy to see how running, biking, or tennis could strengthen your heart. But what exactly does exercise do to your brain? Well, for starters, exercise works in combination with a healthful diet to keep your arteries clear and open, maintaining a good blood supply. That means oxygen and nutrients go in and wastes […]