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Going Gluten-Free? Don’t Until You Read This

Gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease can put a major kink in life. Those of you who suffer with either of these conditions know what I’m talking about. The quick, and frequent, bathroom breaks after eating gluten-containing products, the bloating, the anemia that produces an energy lull, the headaches, the heartburn, and more are no fun. […]

Are Your Feminine Hygiene Products Loaded With Toxic Chemicals?

Did you know that putting chemicals on your skin may actually be worse than ingesting them? Here’s why: when you eat something, enzymes in your saliva and stomach work to break it down, so it will be flushed out of your body. But chemicals that enter your skin are absorbed straight into your bloodstream, without […]

Beauty Mistakes Most Women Make

A person can tell by the way a woman uses makeup if she is an expert or a beginner by the way they use it. Some women believe that make up can just be applied on the face using makeup brushes and other tools and they’ll look attractive. The truth is that applying makeup is […]

Doing Cardio For Weight Loss

If your goal is permanent loss of fat (stored energy), the “cardio plan for good health” doesn’t cut it. You simply won’t burn enough calories to make a significant impact. Here’s an overview of what you need to do to slim down. For anyone serious about losing weight, we suggest consulting a registered dietitian and […]

3 Common Mistakes Women Make While Working Out

You go to the gym every day but you don’t see the difference you want to see.  Don’t give up, just re-evaluate your routine.  You may be doing some things the wrong way.  There are 3 common but major mistakes women make when exercising. 

6 Fat-Blasting Exercise Tricks For Your Butt

#1 Burn the fat off of your rear with cardio exercises It doesn’t matter how firm your muscles are when they’re covered in a thick layer of blubber. The trick to getting that “toned” look on the tops of your legs (i.e. your badonkadonk) is to burn as much fat as you can off of […]

Why Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

Everyone can lose up to one hundred hairs per day and this is nothing to fear as it is a natural process. When you brush your hair you will lose several hairs, but hair rids its dead cells to make way for new hairs. However, hair loss can indicate a far serious problem and here […]

Beat Those Orange Peel Thighs! Change Your Diet To Fight Cellulite

Cellulite can be the bane of many women’s lives; it is that unsightly dimpling that can appear just about anywhere where there is any fat. Even if you’re a slim person, can be a real beauty nightmare; especially in summer when bikinis, shorts and skimpy sundresses put the most problematic areas like the thighs, upper […]

Weight Loss Ideas for Preparing for the Summer

Summer is fast approaching and everyone is just so excited, thinking about the many outdoor activities they can all do and enjoy. Below are some weight loss ideas or tips so that people can be ready to wear their bathing suits or swim wear without feeling uncomfortable in them.