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4 Exercises That Can Be Harmful To Your Body

We’ve all heard the expression “no pain; no gain” applied to exercise. Unfortunately, many of us have falsely concluded that the “gain” of any particular exercise is directly proportional to its pain. This is simply not the case. Many painful exercise moves put excessive strain on your joints without really strengthening your muscles at all. […]

Eat Your Way To A Healthier You

Choosing a healthy diet can be challenging with a bewildering array of options to choose from: the Japanese or the Mediterranean way of eating, the GI diet for levelling blood sugar, the cabbage soup diet for weight loss, the cardiac diet for heart health. 

The Biggest Fitness Mistakes that are Making You Fat

Are you getting frustrated because even though you have tried your best, you are still not losing enough weight? Maybe you are doing the wrong things. Or maybe you are not really doing what you are supposed to be doing. So here’s the question: what’s making you fat still?