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Why Combining Pilates With Golf Could Really Improve Your Game

If you’re already a keen golfer then you’ll know about the great health benefits that just a single game of golf a week can give you. Cardiovascular exercise, strength training and improved mental health are all great reasons to take up golf, but what if you already play and you want to improve your game?

The Modern Woman’s Guide To Leading A Happy Life

In your life you may feel unsatisfied, stressed, or simply unhappy with the direction your life is headed. Everyone will feel this way at one point in their life, and if you feel like you’re heading down an unhappy path, here are a few things to ensure that you can lead a happy life.

Five Reasons You Should Dance For Exercise

With hit TV shows such as ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘So You Think You can Dance’, all styles of dance are making a comeback. But why are people flocking to local dance classes in droves? Here are five reasons why dance has become such a popular choice of exercise (and why you should get […]

Putting The Fun Back Into Exercise

Easter has come and gone and a large majority of us will have overindulged in a few too many chocolate eggs and now feel the need to get rid of the excess.   Clearly the easiest way to do that is to combine a balanced diet with regular exercise. The problem a lot of people have […]

Bad Mood? A Walk On The Beach Is The Perfect Remedy

Have you ever wondered why you feel so relaxed after taking a walk on the beach? Latest research proves that walking along the seashore is highly beneficial for the emotional as well as physical health of a person. In fact, studies from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health show that walking along the […]

Benefits of Bodyweight Training

In a world full of weights, home gyms, and a plethora of other exercise equipment, it can be easy to forget that you’ve got a whole body full of weight, muscles, and resistance ready and willing to work in the name of improved health and fitness, but the concept of bodyweight training – that is, […]