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How To Ensure You’re Dressed Appropriately For Your Dance Class

Whether you are new to a certain dance class, or just feel it is time to update your dance clothes, it is important you buy the most appropriate garments. This can be hard when there is such a wide choice out there, so below are 5 tips to ensure you know what the key dancewear […]

Fitness Fusion – Struggling with Boredom

When the idea to get into shape via a strong exercise regimen first sets in on us, we tend to be full of a fire and passion that promises to carry us through the rest of our busy, active, lives, but that excitement tends to wane over time. In the interest of keeping things interesting, […]

Tips To Help You Get Fit Fast

Whether you’re training for a marathon or you’re just looking to get back in shape there are some great tips that will boost your fitness levels quickly without causing injury.

8 Workouts For Working Moms

Working moms are probably the busiest of all people. They have jobs that are 24/7. Literally. They wake up early to feed the kids. They leave early to get to work on time. Work all day. Come home. Make dinner. Read to the kids. Make sure they are ready for bed. The schedule just never […]

Why Yoga Should Be A Staple Of Your Fitness Routine

People have been practicing the ancient art of yoga for thousands of years – for an exercise form to stick around this long, there must be some great benefits! Even if you have an exercise plan you love, adding yoga has some great benefits.

Taking Part In Yoga During Pregnancy

Even for those who already have children, pregnancy is a very testing time and there are a lot of adjustments to get used to during the nine months before the birth. In this scenario it is essential to do anything you can to make things easier and many women have found yoga to be a […]

How a Combination of Different Fitness Techniques Affects Your Body Image

While some people workout in order to achieve huge, bulging muscles, or to excel in some particular sport or competition, most of us hit the gym with only a smaller waistline and fitter body in mind. If that’s the case for you, then nailing down a routine that puts alternating focus on each and every […]

Top 7 Celebrity Beauty Tips

Celebrities have makeup artists and stylists to make them look beautiful no matter what they’re doing. Because celebrities are always in the spotlight, many of us turn to them for makeup and fashion advice. Celebrities are always plastered on the front covers of magazines, and we’re constantly looking at these images to determine what type […]

Kickboxing For Women Looking To Lose Weight

Let’s face it, few of us enjoy exercising and cardiovascular work tends to be on the extremely boring side. Who wants to pace endlessly on a treadmill or on a road? We need a minimum of 30 minutes of this kind of activity if we wish to achieve improved heart health and frankly, even more […]