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5 Excellent Sports To Help Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

You do not have to depend on an elliptical machine or a stationary bike to get a full body workout. If you have been trying to lose weight in vain, refresh your workout routine and boost your metabolism with sports that you might not have tried. There are several sports that you can engage in […]

Callanetics: What’s it all About?

If you keep up on the latest literature in the world of diet, exercise, and general human health, you’ve very likely come across the word Callanetics in reference to a specific method of exercise that promises to help melt away the pounds, improve bone density and muscle, and much more. Whether you’ve heard of it […]

How Women Can Achieve A Hormone Balance Naturally

The main hormones produced in the female body are estrogen and progesterone while minimal amounts of testosterone are also produced. Estrogen is the most prominent hormone and is produced in the ovaries. This vital hormone regulates the menstrual cycle, plays an important role in sex drive and is responsible for the growth of mammary glands […]

How To Keep Dry Skin Hydrated

In the dead of winter, your skin is probably feeling drier than ever before. That is one of the worst side effects of the winter months. They change the moisture levels in your skin. Nevertheless, there are some simple things you can do to stay hydrated, even when your skin doesn’t naturally want to be. […]

Have You Changed Your Makeup From Winter To Spring?

Winter to Spring Changeover Most women realize that makeup is seasonal, at least to a certain extent. Your clothes and your skin tone are liable to change in the cold months, so you probably made an effort to cater your makeup to that. Changing back for Spring is just as important. You don’t have to […]

Pole Dance Fitness Benefits

As you’ve likely heard, pole dancing has become a very popular endeavor for everyday women interested in fun and fitness, turning this previously taboo activity into one that can benefit each of us. Given its previous reputation, though, many women are tentative in even approaching the idea, but let us be the ones to share […]

What Is The Best Time To Workout And Burn Fat?

Does working out in the morning burn more fat than it does in the afternoon? Is it generally better to workout in the morning or does it not matter? There’s been a lot of controversial talk around this topic. Does working out in the morning on an empty stomach actually burn more fat and is […]

Yoga, It Works

Most often when people think of yoga, they think of people who are crazy about and obsessed with the mind, body and energy.  And let’s be honest, that can be overwhelming and strange for those who have never done it.  If you’ve never done yoga before, step out of the box for a minute.  Yoga […]

Looking To Burn Fat? Six Rules To Make It Happen

Building an exercise regime can be a hard decision for most adults due to busy lives and other responsibilities; however, exercise can be made easy through simple lifestyle changes. These simple rules will put you on a path to success.

Get Excited For Spring Exercise

Spring time is right around the corner, and with it comes a welcome shift in weather.  Warmer temperatures allow people to go outside more comfortably, and for many, this means a spike in their exercise routine.  It’s easier to get up in the morning, go outside for a run, or play ball just a bit […]